Language in Motion (LIM) Undergraduate Presenter Application

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to apply, applicant must be a Dartmouth undergraduate student in AT LEAST ONE of the following three categories**: -- An international student -- A student who spent at least 10 consecutive weeks abroad (outside of the U.S. & Canada) at some point during his or her Dartmouth career -- A student who is currently spending or planning to spend at least 10 consecutive weeks abroad (outside the U.S. & Canada) during the 2013-2014 academic year **In all three categories, it is NOT required that an applicant’s international experience have included or will include a foreign language component. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Process: If an eligible Dartmouth undergraduate is interested in applying to be a LIM presenter FOR ANY/ALL OF THE FALL, WINTER, and/or SPRING TERMS, then he/she needs to submit this online form. Students are asked to indicate (1) their D-Plan and (2) for which terms they would like to be a presenter. Selected presenters may be asked to meet briefly (15 min.) with the LIM Coordinator (this can happen in-person, over the phone, or through Skype or email). To be able to present in a term, the presenter must be able to attend the series of 3 trainings offered in the first month of the term (generally offered from 8-10 PM in a Sun. (I), Thurs. (II), Sun. (III) pattern over 8 days). If a presenter wishes to present in more than one term, then he/she is required to attend all 3 trainings for the first term in which he/she presents, but in the following terms will only be required to attend Training III. *NOTE*: Please see "LIM Application and Timeline" ( section on the website for dates of trainings, presentations, and debriefings. **TENTATIVE** Winter 2014 Training Dates are as follows: Sunday, Jan. 19th: Training I Thursday, Jan. 23rd: Training II Sunday, Jan. 26th: Training III If you are applying to present during the Winter 2014 term you must be able to attend these three trainings. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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