Otakon 2013 LARP Sign Up (Otakon's 20th Anniversary!)

Pre-Con Sign Up for the 2013 Otakon LARP is CLOSED. You will be able to sign up at con in room 318 If you have any questions, please email us at OtaLARP@otakorp.org. Thank You
This is the form for requesting characters for OtaLARP 2013, the Otakon Live Action Role-Play (LARP). You will be asked to select character from our long list of characters already made; or request a new character that we will make for you. Please read all of the Frequently Asked Questions section below before filling out the Character Request form. Some of this information has changed for OtaLARP 2013. Your request will be rejected if you don't follow the rules.
Frequently Asked Questions Question: What's a LARP? If you've ever played a pencil-and-paper role-playing game (RPG) such as D&D, GURPS, or a U.S. Presidential election, then Live Action Role-Playing, or LARP, is easy to explain. It is, in effect, an RPG played live with special rules to allow interaction between the characters in real time and space. If you've never played a pencil-and-paper RPG, you can think of a LARP as a game of "make believe" with rules. The LARP is played within the boundaries of the entire convention center (within reasonable limits to keep the players from getting in the way of other convention attendees).
Question: Where can I find the list of characters that have already been made? A list of the currently available characters is available at this location: (Thanks to Jon K. being awesome) http://cinxia.com/otakonlarp/
Question: What are the restrictions for new character requests? 1) Your requested character must be from a Japanese Anime only -- no manga, video games, live action, etc. Some video game characters were grandfathered in, and you can find them in the already made characters list at http://cinxia.com/otakonlarp/ 2) Your requested character must not be from a pornographic anime (hentai). 3) Have the full character name and full series name filled out. There are many characters with the same name (eg. Son Goku, Sakura) 4) The character should have lines in the anime, preferably at least 5 in the same scene. We have a hard time making character sheets for bit parts and walk-ons. 5) Most wish granting characters end up as NPCs due to game balance issues. We probably won't approve it. Make sure you really like your second choice. 6) Character reservation closes for new characters on December 5, 2012. After that we can only take sign-ups for characters that are already made.
Question: What do I need to provide to request a character? Whether you're reserving a new character or one we've already made, your request must contain ALL of the following: - Your first choice of character and the series or title in which he/she appears - Two backup character choices, also including the series or title for each - Your real name, first and last (no pseudonyms or nicknames, please!) - Your current home postal mailing address (used to verify Otakorp membership only) - A valid email address where you can be contacted regularly - Please include your Otakorp Member ID# as well. If you are a returning Otakorp Member (as opposed to a new member), the Otakon pre-registration page tells you how to find that number. If you don't have a membership in Otakorp yet (because you'll be a new member and Otakon registration hasn't opened yet), don't worry. You can update us when you get one. - Any special needs you have for your character sheet. (a large print sheet for example)
Question: Do I need to pre-register for Otakon to reserve a character for OtaLARP? Yes, you *must* pre-register for Otakon 2013 in order for your character reservation to be confirmed. Once pre-registration for the Otakon convention actually opens, we will begin periodically checking the Otakon pre-reg database for your registrations, and warning emails will be sent to those players whose pre-registrations have not been confirmed. ALL pre-con character reservations will close at 11:59 PM on April 30th, 2013. Please note that these dates are subject to modification as circumstances dictate. If any changes are to be made we'll give you all advance warning.
Question: What if I have a not-so-frequently asked question? My email is Hakainokami@gmail.com if you have any questions. Alternately, we have an email list, which is the best place to go for information, other players and the list of who is playing what. Join otakonlarp@yahoogroups.com
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Character Sign Up

Until December 5th, you can choose any allowed character. Please see above for generally allowed characters. If there is a specific reason a character you request is not playable we will contact you. After Dec. 5th you must choose a character off the list at http://www.cinxia.com/otakonlarp/

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