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Problems getting the information from your instructor? Please contact Marie Hughes or your DSS counselor. Marie Hughes: 443-518-3266 Kathy McSweeney: 443-518-4606 Courtney Sales: 443-518-4139 Ronnie Uhland: 443-518-4656 Peggy Hayslip: 443-518-3049 Joan King: 443-518-4619 Please do not put additional information in the fields. The data in several fields is checked when the test is added to the database. If if finds something it wasn't expecting, it will give you an error message and lose all of the information you entered. You will have to redo the whole form. You will need to answer all of the required fields which are indicated by the asterisks. If information for a test changes after you have submitted the form, you will need to email Marie Hughes at This form is a "work in progress" and can change at any time. If you would like to pre-fill some of the fields, I can send you the form in an email; however, you will need to make sure you are using the most current form or it may fail.
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Calculate Time for class in Minutes

You can use this table to figure the minutes for the previous field when the instructor is using the complete class period for a test. At HCC classes have varying lengths, so if you cannot figure out which one to use, call Marie Hughes at 443-518-3266. Class Length minutes 1 hour 60 1 hour & 15 minutes 75 1 hour & 20 minutes 80 1 hour & 30 minutes 90 1 hour & 40 minutes 100 1 hour & 45 minutes 105 2 hours 120 2 hours & 15 minutes 135 2 hours & 30 minutes 150 2 hours & 45 minutes 165 3 hours 180 3 hours & 15 minutes 195 3 hours & 30 minutes 210 3 hours & 45 minutes 225

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