Faculty Learning Community Planning Form

We recognize that you are barely getting under way with your project, and many of you have not yet had the chance to coordinate with your fellow FLC participants - so we realize that you may still be trying to figure out what you would like to do. We also realize that your plans will likely change once you begin to work together. But for the moment, please tell us briefly about the activity/activities you plan to undertake as part of this FLC, how this project relates to your role in advancing the educational mission of the university, and how you plan to assess the impact of your work. YOU MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THIS FORM BEFORE YOU RECEIVE YOUR iPAD/stipend, AND NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 12th if you do not plan to request an iPad/stipend. If you are planning to participate in more than one FLC, please complete a separate form for each. If you are planning to work collaboratively with other faculty, you may complete and submit one form for the group.
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