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Due: December 7th Notifications by: December 14th Tunnel of Awareness set up: March 24th Tunnel of Awareness open to participants: March 25th – 26th Tunnel of Awareness is a program to spread awareness of social justice topics that impact our community, our country, and our world. Throughout this program, participants have the opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of social justice topics by experiencing exhibits created to express multiple view points on a topic. Throughout this program, participants will go on a tour of 4-5 exhibits (experiencing each exhibit for 5 minutes). After touring the rooms, participants will take time to reflect on their experiences and thoughts throughout the program. And finally, participants will be given opportunities to learn about ways to get involved in the community in the different areas of social justice expressed throughout the exhibit. Each exhibit will be displayed in an individual space/room in which participants can walk around and explore the different parts of the exhibit. The group that develops the exhibit can reach out to participants through various outlets such as interactive learning, videos, sound, or displays. In developing a plan for an exhibit, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions (Lizzie Dement dementm@mailbox.sc.edu).
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