Washita Lodge Spring Fellowship 2013

April 12th-13th Camp McClintock Please complete this form and submit it as soon as possible. Please make arrangements to pay at the Scout Service Center - Inform them that you have submitted your registration online.
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By submitting your registration, you agree to abide by the Washita Lodge 288 Code of Conduct:

1. Observe the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Explorer Code and the Obligation of the Order the Arrow. 2. Wear the officially designated Boy Scout uniform as required during the fellowship. 3. Attend planned and general training sessions. 4. Confine the trading and swapping of Scout related items to free periods and in designated areas only. 5. Be personally responsible for breakage, damage or loss of property. 6. Observe quiet hours and times for lights out. 7. Keep my quarters clean and dispose of trash in the proper places. 8. Do not sleep in any of the buildings at camp. 9. Allow no unregistered person to occupy my quarters. 10. Wear suitable covering in the quarters and to and from latrines. 11. Observe all BSA policies about the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs. 12. Respect the rules prohibiting the use of fireworks or firearms. 13. Respect the rules prohibiting gambling. 14. Do not buy or sell items at the event. The only official sources for the purchase of items are Bundles or the special items offered for sale. 15. Do not leave camp without the express permission of the headquarters. 16. Remember that at all times you are a guest of the lodge and the Boy Scouts of America. Please observe rules of common courtesy. 17. Park only in designated areas. 18. Abide by the liquid fuel policy as stated in the BSA Camping Guidelines. 19. Report any injuries to the Health Lodge. 20. Have a Great Time. Failure to abide by these rules & regulations will force your removal from the event

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