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The STARTALK Student Program, "Russian in the Sky and in Outer Space", aims to enroll 20 high school Russian heritage students in a four-week intensive language program. The program combines the history of the most important events of space exploration with that of aircraft design and the language of science and technology. A content-based component STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is woven into this program through a partnership with the Museum of Flight. Students’ various interests are further addressed by a range of projects above and beyond the STEM topics, such as linguistic and a digital story research projects. Students will be introduced to language self-assessment and goal setting through LinguaFolio Online. They will be able to earn five UW credits by enrolling in RUSS 499 and also have an opportunity to complete the ACTFL OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview computer-based) and WPT (Writing Proficiency Test). High school students may be able to use these results in order to receive high school credit for proficiency. All students will receive placement results for future study of Russian at the UW. Please register now if you are interested. UW Summer Quarter Registration Fee for the Student Program is $42. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT IN ONE SITTING. YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW YOUR RESPONSES PRIOR TO SUBMISSION; HOWEVER YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE A PARTIAL APPLICATION AND RETURN TO COMPLETE IT.
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Russian Language Self-Assessment

Take a moment to think about your current language skills in Russian. Please indicate what you can comfortably do on your own in Russian, from 1 (Just beginning to do this) to 5 (I can do this very easily).

Just beginning to do this I can do this very easily

Just beginning to do this I can do this very easily

Just beginning to do this I can do this very easily

Just beginning to do this I can do this very easily

Just beginning to do this I can do this very easily

Parent Contact Information

Students under age 18 must provide their parent contact information. The STARTALK program will be sending forms for parent signature once your application is approved. Space is provided to provide separate contact information for two parents with space to optionally provide an additional email address. For students 18 and over, it is optional to provide parent contact information, but you are still welcome to provide it.

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This additional information will be needed for us to complete your summer quarter registration at the University of Washington.

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