Club Sports Allocation Committee Interest Form

The concept of the Club Sports Allocation Committee (CSAC) came about during a focus group of club sports student leaders in the spring of 2012 who wanted to see student input into the allocation of club funds. The second CSAC is to be formed during the fall of 2013. CSAC Interest Forms are due Fri., Sept. 20th. All CSAC members are current club sports members, UC students, and must have been involved with a club sport during the past academic year. The committee is advised by the Program Coordinator of Club Sports and consists of 8 total members with 2 club sports members per each tier (recreational, competitive, nationally competitive, and semi-varsity). There is not a huge time commitment. Most of the time required of you will be during the end of the year budget hearings and in review of end of the year budgets. We will decide how we will handle feedback regarding additional funding requests throughout the year.
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