KidLit Cares - Sandy Relief Auction Donation info

Thank you so much for your offer of a donation towards KidLit Cares! I'm so honored to be able to help out and continue with Kate’s efforts and want to make this as successful (and pain-free) as possible. That said, I’ve put together a little template to help ensure I get all the info I need from you to post the auctions. Please fill out the form with as much detail as you can so I can get the auctions ready to post. They will start going up on November 12 and each one will have about 10 days to collect bidders. The input fields seem really small, but they do expand to accommodate whatever you put in there - you can paste text from elsewhere, too, in case you want to just paste stuff like your bio from your website. Note: we do wish we could accept all donations, but we are being overwhelmed by offers and are trying to organize auctions to ensure we have a good variety that will appeal to our many bidders, so I will be in touch to confirm with you very soon. If you're more comfortable e-mailing me, you can send me the details in an e-mail at (but the form is a lot easier for me to collect data - so if it's all the same to you, please fill it in!). Thank you! Joanne
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