NYC Village Halloween Parade Volunteers 2012

Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of the Village Halloween Parade! This year's Theme is "Tick! Tock!" Read about it here: This Year's official theme Tee is available now! It's a beautiful design, and we only make a limited amount, so don't miss out! GET ONE HERE: And Donations are what keep this Not-for-Profit going! Would you also like to donate to help us out? Donate here:
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There are THREE ways to Volunteer...

Some of our jobs are easier than others, but they are all fun. Puppeteering in the Parade requires a fast one and a half mile walk, often carrying something unwieldy at the end of a long pole. Veterans of previous Parades will tell you, this takes a fair amount of physical endurance. Some roles require you to attend a rehearsal. Volunteer Marshals do NOT carry puppets. Instead, they have the important position of helping to ORGANIZE the Parade from initial line-up to completion. Marshals work alongside other Volunteers and Parade Staff to keep things running smoothly. Visual Arts Volunteers help to create puppets in our workshops and may or may not also perform in the Parade.

A Bit More To Go...

Thank you for filling out this form. You can e-mail us with questions if there is anything you need to find out before volunteering). BE SURE TO PUSH SUBMIT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS FORM!!!! As the Parade approaches, we will send all of our volunteers more detailed information on everything they need to know. For most volunteers, the commitment is usually from 5 PM until about 9 PM on Halloween Night. Puppeteers should wear black, or, if you like, any costume that allows freedom of movement. Marshals can expect to wear a Staff Tee we give you the night of. Again, we can't thank you enough for helping to bring life to the Parade! Natasha Brooks-Sperduti & Clara Schuhmacher Volunteer Coordinators: Jeanne Fleming Artistic & Producing Director NY's Village Halloween Parade

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