Application for instructor position at TechShop Pittsburgh

Thank you for your interest in TechShop. This is the first step to becoming an instructor at TechShop. * Please complete the form, and hit the "submit" button at the bottom. * Be aware that we receive many applications for instructor positions, and do not have the ability to reply to all of them. * Do not send a resume via email; use a link to your online portfolio or resume - a downloadable link to a service like DropBox works well. TechShop hires instructors on a part time basis; we do not have any full time instructors. Our ideal candidates are available to teach once or twice per week, for a two to four hour class. We are looking for people who are passionate about their skills and want to share them with others. Evenings and weekends are our most popular class times. We are currently expecting to hold interviews on Feb 20 to 23.
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TechShop does most of our communication with instructors via email, including schedules and invoices. You need reliable, regular access to email to be considered for an instructor position. We will use the phone, but generally only in an emergency.

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TechShop does not hire full time instructors. The majority of our classes are 2 to 3 hours, and are taught evenings and weekends.

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Provide a link to an electronic copy of your resume or portfolio. A free service service like Dropbox will allow you to create a unique URL for file sharing.

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Thank you for your interest in TechShop.

We like to say "build your dreams here", and we thank you for wanting to help. All responses will be evaluated, but we do not have the resources to reply to everybody.

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