LitheSpeed Training Discount Request Form

LitheSpeed grants discounts for early registration, groups of three or more students, PMI members, ALN members, and the long-term unemployed. Discounts are NOT cumulative; only one discount will be granted per person. Discounts are granted at the sole discretion of LitheSpeed on a per course basis and can be denied for any reason.
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Group Discount

Groups of three or more students are eligible for discounts.

PMI Discounts

ALN Discount

Hardship Discount

If you have been out of work for at least two consecutive months, you are eligible for a 40% hardship discount. For this discount, we ask for backup material, such as a statement showing unemployment compensation, a letter from a previous employer, etc. By selecting "Yes", you are affirming that all statements you are making are true and in compliance with Section 5.3 of the PMI's Code of Ethics at and the Federal Employee Code of Ethics at

Personal Discount

If you will not be reimbursed by your organization, you may be eligible for a 20% personal payment discount (only a few are available in each market).

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