Be a Part of our Community ~ Join The Little Minyan for the DAYS OF AWE 5774/2013

We invite you to join The Little Minyan for the upcoming Yamim Nora'im/Days of Awe. Completing this form helps us meet communal needs and serve your desires for the Days of Awe. Our kehilla/community does not have tickets nor require a donation for folks to join us for services. What we do need, to sustain our contribution to the central Ohio Jewish landscape, is your interest, cooperation, and generosity in a variety of ways. Volunteering to schlep prayer books, bringing food to share, participating in services, sharing your spirit and your monetary contributions are what keep us going. Our collective generosity and avodah - prayer in action, work of the heart, and service to the community - makes our Little Minyan's inclusivity and grass roots energy a reality.   Signing up to help is one way to support the values that bring you to our Little Minyan as well as connect with the people who bring those values to life. Whether you're thinking of joining our Little Minyan for the first time or you are already a member, please consider an active role. If just showing up is all you can muster this year, do that. All are welcome in this work of creating holy community. We will send you a follow-up e-mail, however, please mark the dates you volunteer to assist on your calendar as well as all of the dates of the upcoming Days of AWE. With gratitude and blessings, Jessica K. Shimberg, Spiritual Life Coordinator and Student Rabbi and the Advisory Council of our Little Minyan: Peggy Berger Randi Cohen Beth Conrey Dean Cristol Yutan Getzler Jodi Kushins Kristie Lekies Debra Seltzer Orlene Shimberg Norah Zuniga-Shaw
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