MacArthur Foundation 2012 Open Call for Documentary Films

Welcome and thank you for your interest in submitting your project to the MacArthur Foundation 2012 Open Call for Documentary Films. To get started, please complete the cover sheet, below. Then, send parts 2, 3, and 4 of your proposal via email to Proposals must be submitted electronically via email by 11:59pm CST September 7, 2012. Please include “Documentary Grant Proposal: [YOUR ORG’S NAME]” in the subject line (e.g., Documentary Grant Proposal: Hopeful Films) (PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY OR WE WILL BE UNABLE TO CONSIDER YOUR PROPOSAL.) Your proposal should include: PART 1- COVER SHEET AND WORK-IN-PROGRESS VIDEO SAMPLE (submitted electronically - below) PART 2 - DESCRIPTION OF THE FILM (emailed as an attachment) In this section, please describe the film in greater detail, providing a clear sense of the film’s theme, format, structure, style, and point of view. Please also describe the intended audience for the film and what you expect to be the likely broadcast and distribution vehicle for the film. Please also include the current status of the project and explain how MacArthur funds will be used to advance the project. This section of the proposal should be NO LONGER THAN 6 PAGES in 12 point type. If your project proceeds to the semi-final round of review, you may be contacted and asked to submit a fuller treatment. PART 3 – BUDGET (emailed as an attachment) Please include a detailed budget for the project, including a list of income sources (with amounts). PART 4 – PRODUCTION PERSONNEL (emailed as an attachment) Please submit a short bio of each of the key production personnel. If you are able to provide a link to a more detailed bio or filmography, please provide the link. If your previous work is available for online viewing, please provide the link. (Do not send DVDs of previous work.) This section of the proposal should be NO LONGER THAN 1 PAGE. We regret that we are unable to respond to emails or phone calls with questions regarding the open call process. Please use your best judgement and refer to the detailed criteria on the Media page of MacArthur's website. We look forward to reviewing your proposal.
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MacArthur does not make grants to individuals and does not make grants through fiscal agents or sponsors. In order to qualify for a MacArthur grant, you must apply through a nonprofit or for-profit incorporated entity that can accurately state that it has "complete financial and editorial over the documentary film project" for which it is seeking MacArthur support.


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