2014-15 Field Placement Agencies- MSU Denver Dept. of Social Work (MSW and BSW)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a field placement agency for our BSW and/or MSW students during the 2014-15 academic year. Please take 5-10 minutes to fill this form out completely. Completing this form is the first step in becoming an affiliated agency with our social work program. The information submitted will help us make the best placement match between our students and the community agencies available. We value our partnerships with our community, and look forward to building this relationship. After you complete this form, a member of the Field Office will contact you to learn more about your program and to share more details about the Field Education structure and requirements.
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Agency Information

Agency Address

Agency Contact Person Information

This is the inital person that students will contact directly to request an interview for a field placement. Please remember, if there are differenct Agency Contact Persons for different programs, then a separate form should be completed for each program.

Field Instructor Information

Please visit our website for additional requirements of Field Instructors, including supervision requirements.

Student Intern Request

BSW Student(s)
MSW Foundation Year Student(s)
MSW Concentration Year Student(s)- Individual and Families Concentration
MSW Concentration Year Student(s)- Macro Concentration

Practice Opportunities

In addition to filling out the information below, if you have a separate internship description that we may provide to students, please email it as a Word of PDF file to abharwan@msudenver.edu

Additional Information

Internship Job Description- please provide a brief summary of the key responsibilities that an intern will assume in their internship. If you would prefer to submit an Internship Description (in a PDF or Word document) in lieu of completing this section, please write "see internship description" in the space below, and email the description to abharwan@msudenver.edu

You may choose to write this as a list, for example: complete intakes for walk-ins; manage a caseload of 3-5 clients to provide case management; consult and coordinate care with other agencies; provide educational workshops to schools and hospitals; co-facilitate one psycho-educational group a semester; attend community advisory board meetings; manage volunteer program OR you may choose to provide a brief summary of the internship, for example: Students will work within a mentoring program to recruit student participants and volunteer mentors. They will assist with intake assessment interviews and with planning the new mentor trainings. They will serve as a liaison with agencies involved in the student's lives, including schools, juvenile justice, and social services. Interns may provide case management services in the first semester, and lead into providing supportive counseling for an individual caseload of 3-5 students in the second semester. Students will also select 2 other projects to focus on during the their internship such as grant writing, helping to provide ongoing training workshops, fundraising, program evaluation, and attending community advisory meetings.


A member of the Field Office will contact you with additional information about the field placement process. We sincerely appreciate your interest in partnering with the MSU Denver Department of Social Work! Our internships for the 2014-15 year will begin the week of August 18, 2014 and end the week of May 9, 2015. Please note: Our students will begin contacting agencies to request internship interviews on February 10, 2014. Students from various schools and programs may be contacting you for internship interviews before our February 10th start date. Our placement process is structured, and we make efforts to carefully place students based on the individual student and our knowledge of each agency. In order to provide your agency and the student the most valuable experience possible, we take time with the matching process and it is helpful to know ahead of time that agencies will reserve their decision making process until MSU Denver students have been able to connect and interview with their matched agencies. Please keep our timeline in mind when navigating the field placement (internship) process! THANK YOU!

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