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What is Collegiate Challenge?

The Collegiate Challenge is the week during spring break when a group of students volunteer their time to work with a habitat affiliate and help them with whatever they need at the moment. Students will meet students from other schools and get to know the wonderful people that make up the affiliate.

Where are we going?

The Collegiate Challenge this year will be with Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana, about 1 hour from New Orleans

What will we do?

We will be building Monday-Friday with a day off. Builds days are from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM. After the build day, we would be free to explore the city or go off in our cars to explore a bit farther.


Our Habitat for Humanity club will cover all living expenses during the trip. The participant will need to pay for their own plane ticket, but everything else will be reimbursed.

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