WGNS and EnterSource present the Wind-Up for Cash!

Sign up now for your chance at $20,000.00 to split with the school of your choice in Rutherford County. The lucky winner will have the chance to throw a strike from the pitcher's mound through a 5 inch circle. A baseball is only 2.5 inches around, so that is double the area! Throw a strike and win the $20,000.00 prize. There will also be weekly winners of other prizes like gift cards, memberships and even a free year of DIRECTV. You have to sign up at one of the games to win the weekly prizes. See official rules below. GOOD LUCK!
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Rules and Regs

Prize winner can not be an employee of EnterSource or DIRECTV Nor a family member or agent of any of the above. Prize winner cannot be a current or former professional or semi-professional baseball player or coach. Prize winner can not be a current or former high school or collegiate baseball player or coach who has played or coached at that level in the last 5 years. Nor can they be a former or current class A softball player or coach who has participated at that level in the last 5 years. To be eligible for the prize award, contestant must throw a baseball so that it passes completely through the target hole in the target template on the fly, after entering the target hole from the side of the target template nearest me, prior to the ball coming in contact with any person or object(other than the target template itself). Contestant will not be allowed any warm up throws. Only one attempt will be given. The distance to the target shall be no less than 60' 6" (sixty feet six inches)

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