Fall 2013 New School Leader Nomination Form

The Office of New Schools is seeking candidates to develop proposals for and lead new schools slated to open in September 2014. The ideal candidate has excellent personal leadership skills and deep instructional expertise. Candidates should have administrative experience and/or experience as teacher leaders, and a commitment to serving all of New York City’s children, particularly the hardest-to-serve populations. Candidate Eligibility: Candidates must possess a SAS/SBL or SDA/SDL certification or be enrolled in a license-granting program in order to meet all license requirements by July 1, 2014.
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Instructions - Please enter your contact information below.


Instructions - Please enter the contact information of the individual you are nominating to participate in the ONS Fall Selection Process.

Mentoring Excellence

Instructions - Please ONLY complete this section if you are nominating this individual to participate in Mentoring Excellence and you meet the eligibility requirement described below. To learn more about Mentoring Excellence please visit here: http://schools.nyc.gov/community/newschools/Mentors/default.htm - Only tenured principals with a 'Well Developed' on their most recent Quality Review or a 'Proficient' with a strong network recommendation are eligible to be a mentor

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