Chai Pani Decatur Application

Thank you for your interest in Chai Pani. We are looking for a few good Chaiwallas. At Chai Pani our mission is to be Mindblasting. We don't look at ourselves as a food company serving people. We look at ourselves as a people company serving mindblasting food. Some Disclaimers: We're passionate about food & service. Nothing gets us more excited than being around great food and service. No matter the position you work at Chai Pani, if you're not turned on by the idea of blowing people's minds with our food and service, then ultimately it's not a good fit. Here's our service philosophy - We're On The Customer's Side. Everything we do is centered around that concept. So we're looking for some one that embraces that philosophy and truly & deeply cares about being of service. Our culture is our brand. And we are brand ambassadors for Chai Pani. It's not a role that one can clock in and out of. How we conduct ourselves outside of work is still a reflection on our role as Chai Pani ambassadors. We have proven to ourselves that the more we blast minds, make people happy, and make the world a better place, the more money keeps showing up. We're looking for people that are willing to believe in that, to focus solely on our mission and trust that the more they do that, the more money they'll earn. If this sounds like something that lights you up, read on and fill out the attached application. If this makes you want to run screaming, now's your chance while no one's looking ;-) Please email your resume via the craigslist link, and submit this completed application. We kindly request that no applications be dropped off in person. Any resumes dropped off at the Decatur location will not be processed. Good luck and we'll be in touch!
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