Global Ambassadors Student Application

Global Ambassador will assist new international student in adjusting to life at IUP during their first semester or year one-on-one mentoring and group activities that facilitate cross-cultural learning and academic success.
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I hereby agree to participate in this program to the best of my ability. I understand that: - I should not discuss personal or academic information from those in my group with anyone outside our group due to privacy laws (FERPA). (Example: GPA, personal email or address without that person's permission) - I can contact My Global Ambassadors anytime. At minimum, they will contact me once per week. - There will be Global Ambassador activities once a month (shopping, movie night, ice skating, trips...etc). - I should communicate any questions or concerns about life at IUP to my Ambassador. - If I would prefer to have a new Ambassador, I should contact the OIE ( - I understand that I am required to give monthly feedback about my Global Ambassadors - Refrain from any drug and alcohol use during Global Ambassador events, and to otherwise comply with all state, local and university laws and regulations regarding the use of alcohol and other substances. I understand that furnishing another student with alcohol incurs a penalty of a full year's suspension from the university.

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