College-wide Standing Committee Application

The following list summarizes the available student positions. For descriptions of each committee, please refer to the Pharmacy Council website. Please give your name, email, year in school for fall 2014 and what region you will be in during fall 2014 and spring 2015. Rank the top 3 committees that you are interested in, and please answer the four questions at the end of the application. Brief committee descriptions are below. Some of the committees are far more time consuming than others; for that information, please feel free to contact Ashlee Brunaugh at or review the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page: Available Positions (Descriptions are on the Pharmacy Council Website at the link above): Academic Support (1)P1, (1)P2, (1)P3 = 3 positions available Admissions Committee (NO P1'S ON THIS COMMITTEE) (2) P2, (2)P3 = 4 positions available Cultural Proficiency Committee (1)P1, (1)P2, (1)P3 = 3 positions available Curriculum Committee (1)P1, (1)P2, (1)P3, (1)P4 = 4 positions available Honors Program/PharmD/PhD Oversight Committee (student currently enrolled in the program) = 1 position available Post-Graduate Teaching Credential Committee (1)P2, (1)P3 = 2 positions available Professional Development Convocation Committee (1)P2, (1)P3 = 2 positions available Program Assessment Team (1)P1, (1)P2, (1)P3, (1)P4 = 4 positions available Region Assignment Appeals Committee (1)P2, (1)P3 = 2 positions available
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