FIELD TRIP: Feb 26, 2013 Hermitage Homeschool Field Trip

Waiting List Please click on the link at the bottom of this post to register for this field trip. REGISTRATIONS NOT ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL NOT AN OFFICIAL WCIH, FSSC, EHSMT, POCH, RUTHERFORD COUNTY, SHAPE, OR HHG FIELD TRIP ******************************************************** FIELD TRIP: Hermitage Homeschool Field Trip ******************************************************** * Hermitage Homeschool Field Trip * Home of President Andrew Jackson * Tuesday, February 26, 2013 * Check-In w/ Carmen Hall 12:20pm Classes: 12:30-2 PM (approximate). We have two great classes planned: War of 1812 and the Trail of Tears. Descriptions follow: WAR OF 1812 -In honor of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, this interactive program invites students to learn why the war was fought, and the legacy of the War of 1812. Also includes a strategy activity, asking students to think about how the Battle of New Orleans was fought. TRAIL OF TEARS -Examining one of the darkest chapters in the United States' history, the Trail of Tears program takes students back to the foundation of our country to see how the citizens - and our government - interacted with Native Americans. From the purchase of Manhattan by the Dutch through the Indian Removal Act to the forced Cherokee removal in the Trail of Tears, students will learn not only how removal happened, but why. Students will also take home an Indian Blanket flower to plant. "The topic was high level, but you really did a superb job of making it kid friendly!" - Mrs. Boylan, 5th grade teacher. After the classes are complete, your field trip admission gives you full privileges of regular admission to the Hermitage. Thus, you may go see the film, explore the grounds, and take a guided tour of the Mansion. The mansion tours are going on continually. There is usually only a very short wait. * K-12th students * Siblings may accompany * $9 for non-member adults (GREAT bargain--normally admission is $19. If you haven't been to the Hermitage or been in a while, it's a great opportunity!) * 8.50 for non-member students, ages 6 and up (Normally, $14, for ages 13 and above, $9 for ages 6-12) * FREE for 5 and under siblings * Paid in advance by Paypal only; invoices will be emailed. Pay promptly. * coordinated by Carmen Hall * parents must accompany children * open to any/all homeschoolers * confirmation/waiting list emails will be sent by Carmen Hall * limited spots available ******************************************************* Please enter your information at the link below to request a spot for this field trip. Email questions with "Hermitage" in the subject:
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