Fall 2012 U7 & U8 Recreation Information Form

Coaches, At the end of each season, CASL staff must attempt to guess how to conference the U7 & U8 teams in the various regions (i.e. Cary/Apex/Garner, Raleigh/Wake Forest) to achieve team parity within each conference). The best ones to provide that insight for us are the team coaches. Your response and honest appraisal is critical for our efforts to properly rank teams for the Spring 2013 season!! With the Fall 2012 season fresh on your mind, we are asking each coach to provide us with some information that will help establish better playing levels for these age groups. Please respond to this email with this information by December 1, 2012. We also understand your team may or may not have played against all the opponents in your division. Also, please keep under considerations any adjustment to your teams that you are aware of (i.e. players not returning for various reasons). The better your assessment of your team, the better we can do as an administration to create balanced playing divisions. Thank you for all you do!!!
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