Specialty Fruit Marketing Research Survey

Dear Farm Friends, Thank you for taking the time to participate in our Fruit Marketing Research, and helping provide valuable feedback as we seek to expand the markets, products, and palettes for unique small fruits in the Midwest. We hope you will help us learn more about your preferences and needs as it relates to eating different fruits. The fruits we are focusing on include honeyberry, red and black currant, elderberry, and honeyberry. These fruits are grower friendly, high-yielding and exceptionally nutritious. Growing these fruits adds to the diversity of our farms, and improves our farm ecology. This survey should take you ~10 - 15 minutes to complete. Thanks again for your time and helping grow and support small-scale, sustainable agriculture. We look forward to hearing from and being of service to you. Support for our research comes from the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Farmer-Rancher Grant Program. Results will be shared in a final report to the NC SARE program. We will use the information from this survey to develop the best ways to market and process a diverse array of fruits for our farms. Growing these fruits expands the biodiversity of our farms and helps farmers manage risk through diversity of crops. With appreciation, Wisconsin Farmers Erin & Rob, Clare, and Rachel & Anton Hilltop Community Farm, Elsewhere Farm, Mary Dirty Face Farm We will not share names/contact information with any third parties and you can choose to have your responses remain anonymous.

Locally grown (within 100 miles of the farm)
Nutritional content
Suitable for fresh eating
Suitable for baking/processing
Easily accessible

Sustainable Grown (no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers/pesticides, non-GMO)
Fair wage to the farmer
Certified organic
Transparency - knowing the farmer and knowing their growing practices, making a decision based on this shared understanding and relationship)
Food Safety

Red Currants
White Currants
Black Currants

No idea what they are
Unclear how to eat/prepare these fruits
Accessbility - not readily available, I have to hunt these fruits and fruit products down
I don't eat fruit in general

Storage tips
Research that verifies the health benefits of these fruits
Knowing where the fruits came from/how these fruits are grown
Understanding of labeling of these fruits and value added fruit products

Thank you for your time and invaluable feedback. We will be sharing results of this survey and our marketing research in a final grant report through the NC SARE program and on our respective farm website(s). Our research is set to be completed in March 2014. With appreciation, your curious, fruit loving local farmers, Erin & Rob, Clare, Rachel & Anton Hilltop Community Farm, La Valle; Elsewhere Farm, Herbster; Mary Dirty Face Farm, Menomenee

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