California Realignment: Promising Programs (Nomination Form)

The Stanford Criminal Justice Center (SCJC) is collecting descriptive information on promising programs that have been implemented or expanded because of AB109 and other Realignment legislation. Please feel free to fill this out more than once if you have several programs you like. This information may be included in Stanford's evaluation of the impact of Realignment. Do not send materials you would not want made public. Please feel free to send this to anyone you feel may be able to talk about a promising program. Please return this survey by March 15. If you have questions, or are able to provide additional program information (cost, clientele, evaluations, etc.), please contact Sara Abarbanel at: or mail information to: Sara Abarbanel Crown Quadrangle 559 Nathan Abbott Way Stanford, CA 94305 Thank you in advance for any assistance, Joan Petersilia, Professor Stanford Law School
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Program Summary

Briefly (a paragraph or two) describe (or feel free to send a program description) what the program attempts to do and why you believe it is "promising". An SCJC representative will contact you if we would like more information.

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