West Denver Manufacturing-Technology Industry: 'Pathways to Growth' Survey

Our economic future cannot be predicted and is not predetermined; it can be invented and shaped by business and community leaders who support economic growth. If you’re receiving this survey, you’re already recognized as a valuable part of our advanced manufacturing and technology base. Please take this survey and share your perspective with other business leaders to help identity scenarios for advanced manufacturing to prosper in West Denver in the years ahead. PURPOSE: This survey, initiated by the City of Lakewood, is part of an economic development effort which aims to generate a better understanding of manufacturing and technology industry in West Denver (Lakewood, Golden). DEFINITIONS: Over the past few decades, manufacturing has evolved from a more labor-intensive set of mechanical processes (traditional manufacturing) to a sophisticated set of information-technology-based processes (advanced manufacturing). This evolution has brought it closer to other high technology industries that also use sophisticated information-technology-based systems. The survey is for companies that are both (a) suppliers and (b) users of advanced manufacturing and technology (AMT) solutions in the West Denver area (Lakewood, Golden). The study includes companies that design, produce, service, install and distribute products, systems and services connected with advanced manufacturing and technology as well as those in 'vertical markets' that are heavy users of AMT solutions, e.g. natural gas distribution, aerospace.The survey explores some of the connections between the key vertical markets present in West Denver. TAKING THE SURVEY: The survey is intended to be completed by the CEO or a senior executive of the company to which it is addressed. We respect that your time is precious, but your participation is vital for informing change. What are the issues affecting your firm and your industry in the region? We value your perspective and insight. Please take the time (approximately 20 minutes) to complete this important business survey exploring potential 'Pathways to Growth'. VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS: Firms that participate in the survey will get to share in the findings (individual data will remain confidential): (i) Get insight on local industry strengths, opportunities and challenges. (ii) Learn about common 'Pathways to Growth' identified by businesses in the area. (iii) Participating firms will have access to performance data based on industry averages. Click 'Submit' at the end to save the survey! You will be given a link (URL) to revisit and edit your survey.


To put your perspective in context, we need to understand what your business does, the industry it serves, and the vertical markets you serve or sell to.