Alternative Media Ordering Form

This form is for students currently registered for credit courses at Howard Community College. You need to submit a form for each book. If you want your books in a timely manner, you need to submit your requests at least two weeks before the start of the semester. Some books, because of their nature, take time to procure and process. By submitting this form, I am giving permission for my HCC ID number to be disclosed, if necessary, to obtain the materials I am requesting. Your ID number will be kept confidential in accordance with FERPA and ADA law. In addition, I affirm that I am registered for the course listed below at Howard Community College. Per our agreement with our textbook supplier, we are only able to acquire books for college-level courses. I also agree to demonstrate that I have acquired a print copy of the book when I pick-up the book in alternate format. I realize that I may use any method for acquiring print books that other students use. I also agree that I will not share the book in alternate format with any other person, including those with disabilities. Books in alternate format must be returned at the end of the semester or when you no longer have possession of the print copy of the book.
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Book Information

The rest of the information should be gathered from the book. Not all books have the same information, so none of these fields are required. However, please keep in mind that the more information you give us, the easier it will be to locate the correct book. Required texts are given first priority and optional texts will be acquired after all of the requests for required texts have been fulfilled. If we are unable to procure your book from the publisher in electronic format, we will then try to acquire a copy of the book for scanning. Scanning is a slower process and will delay delivery of the book. If we are unable to get a copy of the book, we may ask if we can disassemble your copy for scanning.

Submit form

Please check the information carefully before you hit the submit button. You cannot make changes online after that point--you will need to come see the Assistive Technology Specialist to correct the information. You should consider printing a copy of this form or saving it to disk before you submit. When your book in alternate format is ready, you will receive a phone call or email notification. You will get only one notification. When books are completed, your last name and the number of completed books will be listed on the whiteboard in the Assistive Technology office. You should check it often. There will be two folders on the cd/dvd you receive. One folder will contain the book in PDF format and the other folder will contain the book in Kurzweil format. These are not self-voicing files. You need software to voice the files. Both Adobe Reader and Kurzweil can read these files. We have the ability to produce MP3 files but they are time-consuming to produce and the files very large. If you want this format, please talk to the Assistive Technology Specialist. (443-518-3266)

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