Office of HIV Planning World AIDS Day Blog Project 2012

Please feel out this form if you would like to be included in the Office of HIV Planning's 2012 World AIDS Day Blog Project. We are collecting stories from the Philadelphia area HIV/AIDS Community to commemorate World AIDS Day 2012 with at least one blog post every day in December 2012. All entries will be posted on on our blog. Entries may be edited for content or length by OHP staff. Your byline will be whatever you put in this form as your byline. It is up to you how much you disclose about your life and if you want your name attached. Please be thoughtful about this decision. Things on our blog are open to anyone with an internet connection. Please do not disclose anything that you are not comfortable sharing publicly. We are grateful for your participation and look forward to sharing your responses with our community and the world. You can send questions about the project to or call Nicole Johns at 215-574-6760 ext. 108
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