Vassar Students Stand in Solidarity with West Point Cadets

Sign the form below to show support for our friends and cadets and to demonstrate that our student community is united against hate. Thank you. We will send the following letter and the accompanying signatures to West Point on February 28th: To the West Point community, In response to the Westboro Baptist Church's protest of Vassar College, scheduled for February 28, 2013, we as students, alums, and friends, have come together to celebrate our values and our efforts towards inclusiveness and diversity within our community. When we learned that the Westboro Baptist Church is also planning to picket and disrupt General Norman Schwarzkopf's funeral, we felt compelled to stand in solidarity with and show our support for the West Point community. We believe that responding to the hate directed at our communities gives us the chance to highlight the values we share, namely the inclusion and acceptance of all people. While there is no one consensus at Vassar regarding the military as an institution, we do agree that hateful speech is never acceptable. We cannot be silent when our friends at West Point are maligned. Our communities are fundamentally connected. As these relationships are strengthened, we have realized how much we can learn from each other as future leaders. With this letter we express our solidarity with the West Point cadets. We need to stand together when our communities face hatred.
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