Is your son or daughter a teen who is struggling to get a job? ($100)

IDEO.ORG, a non-profit design firm is looking for teenagers and young adults (participants between the ages of 16 and 24) in the Houston area to talk about experiences with employment for a research study. We are setting up 90-120 minute in-person conversations for Monday, February 4th through Friday, February 8th. If your child is under 18 you must give consent to their participation. Your child will be compensated $100 for their time and there will be a $25 referral fee for your time. Learn more information about us here: Please connect with us if… +Your teen is currently unemployed or underemployed +Your teen is working part-time but would like to work full-time +Your teen has an unstable or insufficient work history that prevents them from finding work +Your teen doesn't have the education or skills training to make them competitive +Your teen's friends and family are similarly underemployed +You or your teen are unsure about the process of applying for and funding higher education +Your teen has found creative ways of making ends meet or finding employment +Your teen was able to radically change something in their life to improve their employment situation +Your teen has worked or works with someone who is helping them to improve their employment situation +Your family struggles to make ends meet + You need your teen to work in order to help support your family If you are interested in our project please fill out the following survey. We'll be in touch soon if we feel you may be a fit with our study.
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