TA Application form for Mathematics and Statistics for Fall 2013

Student teaching assistants play a very important role in our department. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to aid your peers by working in Evening Help and giving feedback on written work. We are entrusting you with a lot of responsibility and expect that you take your role as a TA very seriously. Being a TA requires special commitment because students and faculty are depending on you to be prepared for your Evening Help sessions, prompt in returning graded work, and helpful in your comments to students. We expect a TA to spend at least 6-8 hours per week if she is grading and tutoring. Filling in the form below by May 3rd will help us make assignments for next semester. We are likely to receive more applications than we have positions, so not all students may be hired. Please contact Jessica Sidman (jsidman) if you have any questions.
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