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ADVANCE! Leadership Experience Project Information and Submission Guidelines Welcome, fieldwork partners!
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Fieldwork Partnership & Practicum Description

We are excited at the possibility of working with you this academic year. The form below invites you to submit proposals for fieldwork practicum assignments. This is a critical component of the ADVANCE! Leadership Experience, as it offers our undergraduate students an opportunity to engage in an environment similar to that of graduate level capstone work. ADVANCE! participants receive intensive training in the development of their Leadership Question - the identification and strategic planning needed to immerse them in high quality leadership exploration and fine tuning. Over the course of 6 weeks, they study topics inclusive of proposal writing; group dynamics management; team development; communication and successful presentation preparation; negotiation and conflict resolution; networking; project development; research and planning; among many other areas. Through partnerships with organizations like yours, ADVANCE! participants are enabled to transition these theories into active engagement. Shortly following our proposal submission deadline, you will have the opportunity to interview several participants who have expressed interest in working on the skills inherent to your projects. The ADVANCE! staff will then align students and fieldwork coordinators based on the project needs and the students' leadership development interests. Fieldwork coordinators will be notified of their potential matches in January. Students work with their fieldwork coordinators to gain measurable skills, explore a professional interest, and to attain exposure to the project industry respectively. Our main focus is to further the development of the skills which participants have identified, both hard and soft. ADVANCE! does not commit to placing students by industry. Together, the student and the fieldwork coordinator design a leadership project in which the student takes an active leadership role. Throughout the 8-10 week experience, students utilize the key skills they’ve obtained through ADVANCE! to explore the work environment and accomplish the goals set forth in their leadership question. The fieldwork practicum is critical in the student’s decision to continue seeking leadership opportunities in that skill/area. Participants present the results of their fieldwork practicum at the ADVANCE! Culmination.

Criteria for Leadership Projects

At the core of the fieldwork practicum is the leadership project itself. We invite you to make a list of potential leadership projects that the participant team member can work on. However, the final project may be modified following the initial planning meeting between the student and the supervisor. Our research indicates that successful projects comparable to the ADVANCE! Leadership Experience enlist input from both the supervisor and the student for complete buy-in from both parties, so we encourage you to tailor your project accordingly. Please note that the majority of their time should be dedicated towards reaching the goals of this project. However, fieldwork coordinators are encouraged to incorporate the ADVANCE! participants into the larger organizational structure.

Criteria for Successful Leadership Projects

1. Feasible – can be accomplished during the agreed upon timeframe 2. Measurable – outcomes can be easily distinguished 3. Specific – objectives are clear and it is understood between the supervisor and student what needs to be achieved for the project to be completed 4. Promote Leadership – while it is not required that the student be “the lead” on a project, the project should present opportunities for leadership development. A direct connection should be evident between the student’s role in the project and skill building opportunities. For example, an ADVANCE! participant might determine that he/she would like to focus on the following skills: communication, leadership style, time management, negotiation, delegation, managing group dynamics, working in a multicultural environment, building collaborative partnerships, etc. With your assistance, he/she will then tailor the project to include elements that allow him/her to practice and actively engage in a range of these skills.

Fieldwork Partnership Logistics

Students enter the ADVANCE! program committed to dedicating 10-15 hours/week to the fieldwork component. Should the project require less time, the student and fieldwork coordinator may create a more appropriate timeline. The ADVANCE! program provides MetroCards to and from the sites. There is no financial cost to the partner sites. Students also receive a $300 stipend to offset the cost to participate. Fieldwork begins in the spring semester, with assignments finalized in January/early February. Fieldwork may continue throughout the last day of the semester, which is May 6th. The student should be prepared to present on his/her leadership project by the program end date, which is May 1st.

Further Inquiries

Tailisha González, Manager of Leadership Programs Leadership Evolution and Development (LEAD) Office of Student Development and Activities 515 Lerner Hall 2920 Broadway MC2601 New York, NY 10027 212 854 9388 For more information on the program, you can also visit

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