2011-2012 Student Academic Advisor Satisfaction Survey

Please take a few moments to complete this survey on the quality of academic advising you receive at SUNY Delhi. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your honesty. With your help, we hope to strengthen the bond between you and your acadmeic advisor. AT THE END OF THE SURVEY YOU CAN CHOOSE TO KEEP YOUR RESPONSES CONFIDENTIAL OR YOU CAN CHOOSE TO GIVE YOUR INFORMATION. No specific names would ever be reported. Thank you, Jeffrey Stedman, Director of Academic Advising and Early Warnings
* Required

The quality of my advisor's responses to my questions and concerns.
The timeliness of my advisor's responses to my advising needs.
The advising knowledge level of my academic advisor.
Their knowledge of program requirements.
Their knowledge of CAPP (degree evaluation) and Bronco Web.
Availability of my advisor.
Overall, how do you rate your advisor?

Does your advisor use CAPP (degree evaluation) to determine what courses need to be taken?
Has your advisor discussed your Grade Point Average and/or how it is calculated?
Does your advisor talk to you about future planning with your courses (for classes that may not be offered every semester)?
Does your advisor discuss support services with you (Learning Center, Library, Tutoring, study groups, etc)?
Has your advisor been useful to you at college?