Survey: The Cost of Book Blogging

Hello peeps ! Thanks for taking the time to fill out this survey. The purpose behind this is to help dispel some of the blogging myths that often float around our community, mostly involving the perks vs. the amount of time and effort that goes into what we do. This survey is open to book bloggers of all genres. You'll note that this questionnaire covers several different areas: -- General blogging questions, to better understand the amount of time/effort that goes into a review. -- Specific questions on dollars spent. -- General questions on your stats, to better understand the number of readers that bloggers reach through their efforts. -- How readers, bloggers, authors, publishers can help you, since you're likely not in this to make money. In an effort to get as many participants as possible, the results of this survey are anonymous to protect your privacy, unless you choose to share your name at the end for follow-up questions. All of these questions are also optional. For any questions involving numbers, please do not include the $ or % sign. It makes the Excel spreadsheet tally them up more nicely. Thank you! We understand it's unavoidable if you're also leaving a comment, though, so don't worry if that's the case. International blogger participation is welcome, but I do ask that you convert your currency into U.S. dollars. Questions? Feedback? Suggestions for other questions to include? Please email Deadline has been extended until Sunday, January 20th. We'll share the results in the new year. Thanks!

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