Icarus Session - Washinton, DC

We are going to cap the event at 30 participants due to the venue size. Since Seth gave format options, we are going to ask everyone to speak. PunchRock is a collaborative community of social entrepreneurs and we value sharing our stories and helping each other. You will get more out of the event if you share. You just have to talk for 140 seconds about something you did that scared you, along the lines of: I made this. It scared me. This might not work. Here's how it changed me. What do you think? Please let us know if you're interested in participating in this DC Icarus Session below. Contact Roxy Allen at roxy.allen@punchrockdc.com if you have any questions. Thanks! PunchRock 1800 Wyoming Ave NW, Washington, DC Wednesday, January 2, 7:00pm
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