Methods Mid-Year 2010-2011 Course & Teacher Evaluation

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Course Evaluation

Weekly Calendar
Textbook Reading Worksheets w/ questions to answer.
Other Worksheets
Science Skills Handbook
The Web Site
Communicating w/ teacher via e-mail
Correcting homework w/ Table Associates during class
Organized Binder
Completing worksheets using ODDS and EVENS
Organized & complete composition notebook
"Take at Home Notes" from the website
Mastery Quizzes

Safety Unit (Posters, Room Tour)
Forensics Unit
Metric & Measuring (LC, FBG, uncertainty)
A Penny for Your Thoughts
Heat and Temperature
The Perfect Cup for Coffee
Working with Numbers: Sig Figs & Scientific Notation

Teacher Evaluation

Knowledgable of subject matter.
Respectful of students
Available for conference or extra help
Well prepared for class
Good sense of humor
Enthusiastic about subject matter.
Classroom management (materials and equipment are easy to find)
Gives clear expectations &/or requirements for assignments & tests.
Behavior Management (students behave in a way that supports learning)

The Web Site

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