Simulcast sign up for Joel Salatin talk - April 19th - 8:30pm

Thank you for signing up to host a simulcast event of Joel Salatin's 1-hour talk on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 8:30pm! We would really like for you to take this amazing opportunity to invite everyone you can to hear Joel's inspirational words on how we can change the face of food. If you have a local CSA, community garden or real Local Joel, make them the stars of the evening by spotlighting what they do for our community. If YOU are a Local Joel... well - THANK YOU and you should absolutely celebrate and share what you are doing! We would love for you to tell us the kind of event you are planning, how many people you expect and when the event is over, tell us how it went. If you would like your event to be made public - please post it on the Joel Salatin Facebook page so others may contact you and join in. The cost for the simulcast is $25. Please go to to purchase your pass. We will email you the requirements form for setting up your simulcast. We will be conducting a second live test connection on Monday, April 16th at 7pm. Please go to: for the test. If you have any other questions please email or Again, thank you for signing up and we'll be seeing you soon!
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