WHAT IS THE TEACHING SQUARES PROGRAM Non-evaluative/self-reflective: The CETL Teaching Squares Program allows faculty to gain new perspectives and insights into their teaching through a completely non-evaluative process. It works through a process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection. HOW DOES IT WORK? Four faculty members join forces: Each Teaching Square consists of four faculty members, preferably from the same campus, but from different disciplines, who work together for a semester. These faculty visit each other’s classes and then meet and discuss, through a guided process, what they’ve learned from the observations. HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? Commitment: • Attend one Kick-Off event for all participants for orientation to the program, material distributions, and so on. • Attend one initial meeting with your Teaching Square to arrange the program for that square. • Provide a syllabus and other relevant information about your course to your Square Partners. • Visit one another’s classroom at least once • Meet again for one or two follow up meetings once all the observations are completed. Your campus CETL Associate will assist with coordinating visits, but each group determines its own schedule.
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