2012 MAC Football Predictions

We are crowdsourcing our MAC predictions for the season. Conference games only. Vote for who you think will win each game. Games are grouped by home team. Answers will be revealed on hustlebelt.com.
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Sept. 29 vs. Miami
Oct. 6 vs. Bowling Green
Oct. 20 vs. Northern Illinois
Nov. 10 vs. Massachusetts

Aug. 30 vs. Eastern Michigan
Oct. 6 vs. Northern Illinois
Oct. 13 vs. Western Michigan
Nov. 14 vs. Ohio

Oct. 13 vs. Miami
Oct. 27 vs. Eastern Michigan
Nov. 17 vs. Kent State
Nov. 23 vs. Buffalo (in Columbus)

Sept. 19 vs. Kent State
Oct. 27 vs. Toledo
Nov. 3 vs. Miami
Nov. 10 vs. Western Michigan

Oct. 20 vs. Ball State
Oct. 27 vs. Akron
Nov. 3 vs. Western Michigan
Nov. 17 vs. Miami

Oct. 6 vs. Kent State
Oct. 13 vs. Toledo
Nov. 10 vs. Central Michigan
Nov. 23 vs. Northern Illinois

Sept. 29 vs. Ball State
Oct. 20 vs. Western Michigan
Nov. 3 vs. Akron
Nov. 23 vs. Ohio

Sept. 29 vs. Ohio
Oct. 20 vs. Bowling Green
Nov. 17 vs. Buffalo
Nov. 23 vs. Central Michigan

Sept. 22 vs. Massachusetts
Oct. 27 vs. Ohio
Nov. 10 vs. Kent State
Nov. 23 vs. Ball State

Sept. 29 vs. Central Michigan
Oct. 13 vs. Buffalo
Nov. 3 vs. Massachusetts
Nov. 14 vs. Toledo

Oct. 6 vs. Buffalo
Oct. 13 vs. Akron
Nov. 1 vs. Eastern Michigan
Nov. 7 vs. Bowling Green

Sept. 15 vs. Bowling Green
Oct. 6 vs. Central Michigan
Nov. 6 vs. Ball State
Nov. 20 vs. Akron

Sept. 29 vs. Toledo
Oct. 6 vs. Massachusetts
Oct. 27 vs. Northern Illinois
Nov. 17 vs. Eastern Michigan

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