Beekeepers Winter Gathering: RSVP and More

Please RSVP here for the Winter Gathering scheduled for January 17 Please do use the "What's on Your Mind?" section to help shape the conversation. You can get on the Active Volunteers list to help plan & prep the season's activities And don't forget the Foodie section where you can order pizza or say what you'll bring, including your honey to swap. Or you can just RSVP, scroll down and click "Submit." Data is just for organizer use, we don't share without permission.
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Topics & Questions for Discussion


The Foodie Section

It's part of our goal to make every event a celebration- or at least not to send you away hungry from a dinner hour event! If you feel the same, you may want to make or buy something to contribute to the snack table. (If this is something you feel passionate about, please let Liane know as she always is looking for like-minded gourmets).

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