Art of Living Retreat Center Volunteer Application

Expand your mind. Challenge your concepts. Find the freedom in selfless service. The Art of Living Retreat Center Weekend Volunteer (Seva) program is an opportunity to truly express joy in action by serving selflessly. A day at the retreat center consists of early morning sadhana (spiritual practice), followed by breakfast and seva (service). The afternoon begins with a wonderful vegetarian meal followed again by seva and rest. In the evening, after dinner we all come together for satsang and knowledge. The retreat center enter offers a unique, inspirational environment for natural healing and exploration of the deeper aspects of life. Please submit this application atleast 3 days prior to the date that you plan to come for Seva. Please note that once you submit this application, your acceptance is pending and is only confirmed once you receive an official acceptance e-mail from the International Center. If you have submitted the Seva application previously, have done Seva at the ashram before and want to come again, then you need not fill this form again. Please send an e-mail to indicating the dates you plan to come and wait for confirmation that you can come. If you have any questions, please contact
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