C.L.A.S.S. Mentors Mentor Application

Who is C.L.A.S.S. MENTORS for? Citizen Leaders Assisting with Student Success (C.L.A.S.S.) is an opportunity for students who feel their transition to college may benefit from connecting with other students based on a shared experience or identity, such as: • Students of color or multiracial students • Students from minority faith backgrounds (e.g. Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, etc) • Students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender PURPOSE: The Longwood University C.L.A.S.S. Mentor Program is designed to provide a supportive and nurturing experience for the personal and intellectual development of first year culturally diverse students. To facilitate this process, each mentee (first year or transfer student) is paired with a student mentor. The purpose of a mentoring program is to support, nurture, guide and facilitate the realization of a dream, by providing students with structured one on one attention, support, encouragement and advice, in addition to providing an avenue for networking between students, faculty, staff and administrators. To create a caring and supportive environment conducive for students to have successful undergraduate careers as well as provides guidance toward students’ major life and career goal visions for the future. The program encourages students to develop to their fullest potential and eventually hopes to bring about a smooth transition from student to career persons. Selection Process: • Applicants must complete the application • Applicants may be required to complete an in-person interview. • All applicants will receive notification of selection results prior to the end of spring semester. • Mentors MUST attend mandatory training sessions in the Spring Semester
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Mentor Expectations

The mission of C.L.A.S.S. Mentors is to serve as a student connection and resource for first-year students from underrepresented and under served diverse populations. As a mentor, you will have a lot of autonomy to develop an individual relationship with your mentee. However, we also need mentors to be accountable for meeting the expectations of the program. To be a mentor, you must commit to the following: 1. Participate in all mandatory training and team meetings 2. Keep your contact information updated with the Center for DIversity & Inclusion 3. Initiate contact with your protege during the summer 4. Maintain weekly contact with your mentee for the first 6 weeks of the fall semester, and regular contact thereafter 5. Maintain regular contact with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion 6. Attend all scheduled CLASS Mentor programs with your mentee 7. Attend at least two other College programs with your mentee(i.e. Opening Convocation, Oktoberfest, student organization programs, ODI programs, etc) 8. Make at least one visit to the Center for Diversity & Inclusion with your mentee in the fall semester 9. Make at least one visit to the Academic & Career Center with your mentee in the spring semester 10. Be a resource to your mentee 11. Inform ODI or the C.L.A.S.S. Mentor coordinator of any concerns or problems, including inability to make contact or poor communication with your protege 12. Complete an evaluation about your experiences as a mentor, including suggestions for the CLASS Mentor program

Your Interests and Goals

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. The more elaborate you are, the easier it is to find a good match.

Matching Criteria and Preferences

In this section, we will be asking about some identifying information. For some students, being paired with a mentee (or conversely, with a mentor) who shares a similar cultural or other identity background is important. For this reason, we are asking you to share with us various aspects of your identity. Some of these questions may not apply to you or you may choose not to answer. You will also be given the opportunity to rank how important these aspects are to you in being matched with a mentee IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MATCHING: We will attempt to match mentors and mentees based on everyone’s expressed preferences, although we cannot absolutely guarantee that a mentor or mentee who fits your exact preferences will be available. When your preferences cannot be matched, we will do our best to make a compatible match, understanding that this form cannot tell us every important aspect of anyone’s personality or compatibility with anyone else.

More info

Are there any other aspects of your background, heritage, culture and/or identity that you would like to share that you feel might be beneficial to a mentee or might be useful in matching you with a mentee? Please fill out below This can be an opportunity for mentors to share with us things such as: being multiracial, the importance of their faith, being adopted, being an immigrant, growing up with a single parent, dealing with the death of a parent, being an out of state student at Longwood,being from a rural area, etc.

*Note this application was from adapted William & Mary SPAN program

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