PPO, 23-25 Oct 2012, Eston Leisure Centre, Middlesbrough, PPO/1215


Booking instructions

  • To pay by CHEQUE, complete and submit this form, then send it to CIMSPA at the address given when you submit the form. Please ensure your FULL name and the LOCATION, DATE and TYPE of course are written clearly on the back of the cheque.
  • To pay by PURCHASE ORDER, complete and submit this form, then either post or fax your purchase order to CIMSPA.
  • To pay by CREDIT CARD, complete and submit this form, then call 01509 226474 to make your credit card payment.
Once we have received your cheque, purchase order or credit card details, we will email a course booking confirmation to you. YOUR BOOKING IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT CONFIRMATION Thank you. Page 1 of 3
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Course pricing

Partner discount agreements

CIMSPA has discount agreements in place with a number of large leisure organisations, if you think this may apply to your organisation please follow these steps: 1. Call our Education Department on 01509 226474 tell them your organisation, they will then confirm what your discount % is if CIMSPA and your employer has agreement in place. 2. Contact the person in your organisation who has responsibility for training and get the CIMSPA redemption code.(The Education Department will be able to tell you who this is). 3. Add the redemption code to the box below. 4. Apply the discount % to your course costs.(Additional Individual Member discounts do not apply) 5. Applications will not be accepted without a redemption code. 6. If paying by credit card you will need to give your redemption code by phone also.

Payment options