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Hello I'm Vondraa Hamm a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant. I'm so excited about this new business adventure and these fabulous, fun and fashionable nail shields that I want to share them with you! Jamberry Nails are non-toxic, lead free, formaldehyde free, latex free, vegan friendly nail shields that you apply with any heat source, like a hairdryer and pressure from your own fingers. I couldn't believe I could achieve these professional looking nails in the comfort of my own home at a fraction of the price you would spend in a salon! With over 175 designs to choose from, there's bound to be way more than one will fit your personality, mood, team spirit or outfit! Jamberry Nails are also MADE IN THE USA! Only $99 need to start your business Earn 30% commission on your sales You can decide your hours, full or part-time Run your business online, offline or both Earn bonuses and incentives Supplement your income Jamberry is for everyone! Manicurist Salon owners Stay-At-Home-Moms Network marketers Students And even men! I will be sending a sample to the FIRST 50 people, 18 years and older, who fill out this form in its entirety. Once those samples have been sent out, I will reopen for more from the waiting list in order that I received your request. Please note by filling out this request form, you authorize Jamberry's Independent Consultant, Vondra'a, to follow up and stay in touch through varying methods of contact including but not limited to phone and email. Also note, this offer is meant for ladies and gentlemen who are genuinely interested in Jamberry Nails, either in purchasing and wearing the shields or the business opportunity, and discourages people who are requesting samples for the sake of getting something for free! Please visit www.facebook.com/cutienailz to see actual client photos, read testimonials and more. Be sure to like the page while you are there. To Shop Online or Reserve your party date, please visit www.cutienailz.jamberrynails.net and also www.polishbegone.com All samples and information is provided by Vondra'a Hamm, Independent Consultant with Jamberry Nails and is in no way related or sponsored by Jamberry Nails Corporate. ***DISCLAIMER! You WILL be disqualified if you're just trying to get something for free, working with another consultant, soliciting or have no interest at all. If your address is incomplete I can NOT send a sample?! Thank you to all who are truly interested in Jamberry Nails! Please be aware not everyone who fills out a form will receive a sample, first 50 people only!! ***
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