Natural Hair Styling Party Questionaire

Some things to bring with you: -The products you use to style your hair (just to show and maybe use in a demo) -The products you use to wash, condition or moisturize your hair (ditto) -The tools you use for the style you are sharing (or just in general) including combs, clips, rollers, hair pins etc... -Your favorite hair candy -PICTURES, PICTURES and more PICTURES of styles you know and styles you want to learn. -Natural hair books - styling and care - for us to flip through. -Products to swap -Anything else you'd like to share... tip & tricks, your favorite bloggers, YouTubbers, websites etc...
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How to do protective styles
What products to use for certain styles
How to make a style last... 2nd, 3rd - 7th day hair
New loose natural styles
Styles for locks

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