Personality Kalia Heyward and Dr. McDonough Neumann University One Neumann Drive. Aston, Pa 19014- 1298 Invitation to Participate: I am invited to participate in an anonymous study different aspects of personality. Basis of Subject Selection: Any person over the age of 18 with an internet connection can participate in this study. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to look at how different personality characteristics may vary depending on a person’s gender. Procedure: To accomplish the goals of this study I will be given a survey to complete. My gender and age will be collected for this study. The survey will measure different aspects of personality. Why my personal health information is being used and by whom: No personal health information is being obtained for this study. Since this survey is completely anonymous I cannot be identified. I am not to put my name on the survey. Will you be able to access your records: By participating in this study I will not be able to access my records because my answers are anonymous. Potential Risks and Discomfort: There is minimal risk involved in this survey. I can skip over any questions that may make me feel uncomfortable. Can I change my mind about participating: I (the subject) am free to withdraw at any time, without penalty. Potential Benefits: There are no direct benefits; however participating in this study will assist the researchers in investigating the relationship between gender and personality. Inducements: There are no inducements for participating. Financial Obligations: There are no costs to participants. Alternatives: The alternative available to me is to not participate in the study, as this is not a therapeutic study. Confidentiality and Privacy: The survey is completely anonymous and I will not be identified in anyway. The results of the survey will be confidential and only the researcher will be able to look at the results. Non-participation or Withdraw: If invited to participate I am free to consent or decline participation. If I consent to participate at any time before or during the study I am free to withdraw. If I decline to participate, or decide to withdraw from the study there will not be prejudice future interactions between myself and the researcher. Complications or Injuries: Since I will only be participating in a survey there will not be any medical treatment or compensation for complications or injuries. Subjects’ Questions and Rights: I (the subject) can contact the researcher at any time if I have questions about the study:
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