Translations of the Declaration of Internet Freedom

The Declaration of Internet Freedom is being translated in as many languages as possible – and you can help: translate it in your language or dialect, help us to proofread translations or spread the word! Link to this form: We currently have translations the following languages. This list will be updated as translations come. UPDATED: 12:12 BST - DEC 8 Albanian: Arabic: Armenian: Aymara: Azerbaijani: Catalan: Croatian: Bangla: Bulgarian: Cebuano: Burmese (Myanmar): Cape Verdean: Cree: Chinese (Simplified): Chinese (Traditional): Danish: Dhivehi: Dutch: English: Esperanto: Estonian: Farsi: Filipino: Finnish: French: Galician: German: German (Eastern Swiss): Georgian: Greek: Gujarati: Hebrew: Hindi: Hokkien (Taiwanese): Hungarian: Indonesian: Italian: Irish: Japanese: K’iche’: Korean: Kurdish: Lithuanian: Luganda: Malagasy: Macedonian: Malay: Mam: Neapolitan: Nepali: Norwegian: Polish: Portuguese (Brazilian): Portuguese (Europeu): Quechua: Romanian: Russian: Serbian: Slovenian: Slovak: Spanish: Swahili: Swedish: Tamil: Tetun: Thai: Sinhala: Turkish: Tz’utujil: Ukrainian: Urdu: Vietnamese:
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