Fast Damask/Romper/Bloomer/4th of July Buy

This buy will be open until Thursday April 19th! I will invoice orders WITH shipping and paypal fees as they come in to me. There is not a customs fee due in addition. If I happen to get one, my business handles it. My birthday bonus to you :) Orders not paid for by 4/21 at 4pm CST will be dropped. I expect them around mid-May but you know I never promise anything! ;) Any questions, email me at Thanks! This buy includes a couple pettiskirt designs, rompers, bloomers, tops to match the skirts, and the always popular chiffon rosettes. Sparkle rompers are a trial, I have not had them in my hands but I can say I am confident enough that I will be ordering a couple hundred dollars worth myself. It's a material with a sparkle glitter woven in. Come take a chance with me :) Prices: Damask Skirts- $12.00 Zebra Multi- $11.50- they didn't say anything last time that it was multi ruffles on a print so let's hope they still don't!! Stars 4th of July-$11.50 Multicolor traditional 4th of July- $13.00 Ruffle Top-$6.00 Tank Top-$5.00 Zebra Cupcake Top-$6.75 Romper-$6.75 Sparkle Romper-$7.00 Damask Bloomer-$4.00 Candles/Rosette Bloomer-$5.50 (these are more expensive because they have the cupcake/candle sewn into the butt!) Shorts-$6.25 Rosettes-$3.50/dozen Thanks and hurry hurry- there's always dissapointed folks who miss it and I cannot extend this deadline, I need these items! Happy choosing! Buy FAQ can be found here: ***If you order 5 of the same size, same color and you want something NOT listed here I can add it to your personal order. But you must order 5 of that size/color. I have a few people who do this and it's fine by me if you meet yourw own MOQ!***
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