MeetUp Winter Weeekend

Hey All, I wanted gauge the serious interest of those who would like to rent out a house/cabin/condo for a weekend to have some mountain fun. This is for anyone who skis and snowboards, or those wanting to learn...or those who just want to grab a sled and tube and hit the snow that way. I personally am from California and hope to learn but know that my fears will probably mean I'll just go tubing! Anyways, I've started looking into some places and the prices aren't too bad at all. I'd love to plan an amazing weekend for all of us to get away to the mountains, play in the snow, play some board games, cook meals and all around have a good time. Please fill this out if you are interested! PS - Almost all of the places are a minimum three night stay so we'd be looking at Thurs night - Sunday. Take a day off from work!
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