ITEEA Teaching Technology and Engineering Showcase 2012 Application Form

The ITEEA Teaching Technology and Engineering Showcase is an exhibition of best practices in the teaching of technology and engineering education. Showcasers include, but are not limited to, K–12 technology and engineering teachers, teacher educators, administrators, undergraduate & graduate students, and informal educators. The Showcase provides a forum to feature an idea, technique, or best practice related to learning activities, marketing materials, career guidance, facility design, program design, assessment methods, equity, or classroom and laboratory management techniques. Showcasers are asked to illuminate a single element of technology or engineering teaching and learning that they feel they have exemplified. Plan now to be a part of the Teaching Technology and Engineering Showcase in Long Beach, CA by completing the following application. The TTES will take place at the ITEEA national conference on Saturday, March 17, 2011 from 9AM-11AM. If you are unable to fill out the form online, please e-mail it to, or submit it by mail to: Honey Creek Community School attn: Bill Van Loo 1735 S. Wagner Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Additional Information/Requirements

Showcasers are provided with a 3' x 6' tabletop area to illustrate excellence in technology teaching and learning. Please bring 100 copies of a “handout” and the items that will “show and tell” your best practice. Such items may include photographs, posters, student work, teacher-made products, video clips, brochures, handouts or any other item that you would like to share.

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